Who are we?



SoundVision is an avant-gardist brand created by audio & design passionates for consumers who are looking for new, attractive and innovative audiovisual technologies.


SoundVision is offering you a new way for seeing and hearing your environment.




1. Our products are a perfect mix of design, sound and multimedia


2. The speaker unleash high fidelity sound from your tablets and smartphones.


3. SoundStand will provide sound quality that is superior to all new HD TVs


4. These ALL-IN-ONE units allow users to play their multimedia content via one single device thanks to their integrated multimedia hub.


5. The integrated dock offers seamless compatibility and enables playback of your music, recharging and video transfer from your IPhone, IPad and IPod. 


6. Home furniture enables you to make the most of your digital content whatever your requirements and wherever you are.


7. These products, which have been so highly researched and anticipated by the whole gamer community, allow for total immersion for a unique sound experience.


8. The Soundvision range will play a starring role in every household in the years to come!


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